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At HyperConstruct, we are building the future of the internet. Our open core technology and the products we build with it transform the way people connect online, share experiences and conduct business. Let’s build the future together.

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Paving the Way to the Spatial Web

Reimagine your website as a physical place with an anywhere address.

Events or Private Spaces

Our spaces can have any number of visitors. There are no limits to how many people can join your space unless you say so.

Easy to use, easy to create

Use our template spaces or customize your own to create your perfect virtual place.

Be together, anywhere

Join your friends and socialize, shop, attend events, and play like ne ver before

Virtual eCommerce

Virtual commerce is a type of application, service, or product feature that helps enterprises implement strategies and design Web sites for e-commerce

Custom Template

create yourself and then save as a template for reuse on your site

Build your business

Build your business in The Overlay, you can visit, buy, sell.

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Our Professional solution. Transform your website into a multi-user 3D experience with our professionally designed templates or create your own world with our powerful editor.

Ethereal Pro
Artistic depiction of The Overlay on mobile

The HyperConstruct team developed Ethereal Engine, an open-source web-native engine.  Ethereal Engine is managed by the Ethereal Engine Code Collective, led and supported by HyperConstruct.

Ethereal Engine is an end-to-end solution for hosting humans and AI in a virtual space, built on top of react, three.js and express/feathers. Web client, API server, realtime gamerserver, game engine, and ML/AI tools.

Open Spatial Web

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Connecting people and technology

  • Delivering technology solutions
  • Virtual worlds, digital events and augmented experiences for everyone
  • Reimagine your website as a physical
  • Building the new internet at the speed of business.
Clip of virtual event
Clip of the mall

Reimagine your website as a physical place

  • Personalized virtual spaces to keep you connected on every device
  • Reimagine your website as a physical place with an anywhere address.
  • A new dimension in business
  • Make your world.

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